Marijuana Investing In 2014


The federal government has also recently given the green light to states by stating that it wont stand in the way of state legalization of cannabis, as long as there are strict regulations that come along with the laws. The Move Towards Marijuana Legalization In January, Colorado will be able to start opening up pot-selling stores. Yes, you can walk in and buy yourself some marijuana without fearing prison time. Washington’s stores will open later than Colorado because the state is still attempting to meet demand. Its estimated Washington will be selling the substance in stores in the early part of summer 2014. Starting in December, Washington will begin allowing residents to grow marijuana plants. Each resident wishing to take up this form of gardening will be issued a license. Since December 1st is the earliest residents can get a license, buds wont be available until at least spring. As part of Washingtons law, there can only be 334 stores. While this number doesnt seem high for a large state, if its divided among the counties, it equals about 8 stores per county. Most counties dont even have that many convenience stores, so its likely not going to be much of a problem. With Colorado already well on its way to growing the recreational marijuana industry , many other states are getting themselves in position to do the same. Most of the states on the brink of legalizing marijuana already recognize medical marijuana as legal. All they need to do is get the vote on the ballot and bring it into legislature with a winning vote. This will probably not be a problem in many of these states because according to polls , more than half of residents are in favor: Alaska: 54% of residents reported they are in favor of legalizing marijuana on a Democratic-leaning Public Policy Poll. Arizona: 56% percent of residents reported they are in favor. California: 54% of Californians support recreational marijuana use. Nevada: 56% favor cannabis legalization, as long as profits fund education.
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